Friday, December 14, 2012

To do

The server seemed gummed up for the last two days, so I did a bit of maintenance and things appear back on track. As I have now finished writing my dissertation, it's time to start thinking about updates for Yellowstone's spring opening. Overall, I think Jake ( will continue to work on the "web" side of things while I focus on mobile and non-gazer observers. It'd be good to get some of the core onto Github so others can think about building their own tools -- an iOS version geyser observation app would be great.


Lois said...

Alan, when you think about it and get the time, the hour is off on GN - by an hour when one wants to enter a report.

I prefer GN over GT as you don't have a test script running to eat up my bandwidth.


Alan Glennon said...

Thanks for the note. Fixed!

Deepika Reddy said...

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