Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Geyser Notebook, v0.95d

An updated version of Geyser Notebook has been released. It's been uploaded to the Google Play Store and should be available for installation within hours. The release takes the user interface from old school Android to a place a bit more modern. This time around, I released with almost no bug testing, so submit crash reports so I can stamp out the problems. Explore around and see how it goes. The new release was made for really recent phones; if you have an old device, you probably won't see the app in the store. Make do with the older version.

The last few days are the first time I've looked at the code in ages. There's lots of room for improvement and Google has added a lot more tools to ease the development process. Speed and offline functionality remain high priorities.

I've also been advising a bit on the GeyserTimes app -- since those guys are making a serious Yellowstone gazer app, I suspect Geyser Notebook will increasingly focus on normal people.

Good luck with the app!
Alan Glennon

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