Sunday, August 14, 2011

Small bug fix with webcam-related flags

I noticed and fixed a minor bug associated with better/less flags on webcam observations. Please send a note (geysers at if you notice any unexpected flagging behavior.


greinstein said...

Is there any way for the next update to include the option to store on the sd card. I can't do this on current versions.


Gary Einstein

Alan Glennon said...
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Alan Glennon said...

Okay -- found the solution. I'll add the ability to my current build and see how it holds. Assuming it doesn't induce new mysterious bugs, the ability to copy the app to SD card will be in the next version.

Alan Glennon said...

Ability to copy the app to SD card has been added to the candidate build of v0.93. Seems to works fine, so expect it in the next release. Thanks for the comment.